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Creating a
Healthier Community

Democratizing wellness with
computer vision & deep learning

Our greatest asset is our health and wellbeing. Restricted or delayed access to our wellness data is counter intuitive. Accessing wellness data in real time is paramount to making informed decisions.

Using computer vision and deep learning, CoHeal provides a holistic view of you and your community’s wellness data.

CoHeal offers a non-invasive, quantitative, point-of-care testing platform.

Non-invasive Sampling

Ensuring ease-of-use, using finger-touch or saliva-sample and without causing discomfort to the user

Quantitative Measures

An accurate numerical measure of the outcomes, personalized through user demographics

Convenience of Point-of-care testing

Performed at user location with results in less than 15 minutes.

Technology aided Expertise
impacting Wellbeing

CoHeal improves awareness,
enables real-time access and reduces dependencies

The proliferation of wearables and pandemic driven acceptance of rapid test kits have ushered the convenience of home testing kits to the forefront of diagnostic services.

Using AI technology, CoHeal offers an Enterprise platform, that enables real time access to wellness data with the patient at the center of the care setting.

CoHeal enables healthier lifestyles by making wellness accessible, affordable, and easy to use.


Repository of wellness records, sharing of wellness data, group insights


Free download, low-cost test device, no dependencies on care personnel


Multi-lingual user interface, non-invasive bio sample, real-time resulting

Monitoring Wellness

CoHeal enables real-time measurement of vital health indicators

CoHeal uses a simple, non-invasive technology to provide a holistic view of your wellness data.


CoHeal monitors heart condition and stress levels


CoHeal quantifies proteins from a salivary sample

Healthier Community

CoHeal supports diverse groups
facilitating population health management

CoHeal provides meaningful wellness insights based on personal demographics and user habits.

Rewiring Wellness

Personalized Healing through CoHeal

Using Deep Learning, CoHeal creates a personalized
healing plan targeted at rewiring wellness.


Regulate stress levels using breathing techniques

Access CoHeal and embark on a journey to take lead of your health and wellbeing