About Us

With the aid of technology, we are able to access our financial assets, without the need for an intermediary, and make informed decisions that can further our goals. 

With an intent to bring about similar changes in Healthcare and Wellness, a group of long-time friends, with deep experience in HealthTech, banded together to deliberate on how to democratize wellness and empower users with their health data, where-in a potential patient would want to evaluate the need for a physician consult in their private setting.

With emphasis on technology, integration of human expertise and passion for wellness, a group of serial entrepreneurs, unicorn executives, private equity professionals, healthcare IT, wellness and manufacturing experts, have come together to create Cortiqa Health Pvt. Ltd

Further guided by a distinguished group of marque investors, global HIT leaders, and strategic advisors, Cortiqa Health has created CoHeal, an Enterprise Wellness platform.

Unhindered by socio-economic and cultural boundaries, CoHeal operates in a Peri-Ambulatory setting with minimal dependencies, better convenience, and lower costs.


Leading non-invasive, quantitative, point-of-care testing platform


Create a meaningful impact on human health and wellbeing, by making wellness accessible, affordable and easy-to-use, using existing technology coupled with human expertise


Passion, Integrity, Caring and Drive