Technology aided Expertise
impacting Wellbeing

CoHeal improves awareness,
enables real-time access and reduces dependencies

The CoHeal platform consists of two components

The smartphone is a ubiquitous information powerhouse, with an ever-increasing penetration rate. Using self-calibration, computer vision and deep learning, CoHeal Mobile Application, monitors your vitals in real-time and quantifies the concentration of biomarkers in the Test device with high sensitivity and generates personalized insights.

CoHeal.device (* patent pending)

Human whole mouth saliva (WMS) is a mixture of secretions produced by the major and minor salivary glands and contains nearly 1000 different proteins and 19,000 unique peptide sequences. Using a few drops of WMS, the CoHeal Device and the mobile application quantify the concentration of biomarkers in the bio-sample.

The CoHeal platform puts the user at
the center of the care setting,
with a primary emphasis on health and

Access CoHeal and embark on a journey to take lead of your health and wellbeing