A Superpower called Eu-Stress

The word ‘Stress’ often brings unpleasant feelings and thoughts to our mind. Like it is something that makes us feel powerless and unhappy. This is not necessarily true. Cleveland Clinic defines stress as a normal human reaction the body has when changes occur, resulting in physical, emotional and intellectual responses. When stressed our body secretes […]

Stress Management with CoHeal

In recent times, physical and mental wellbeing has taken over financial wellbeing to become the most important wellness dimension for individuals and the community at large. While people are slowly warming up to the idea of screening their health and wellness, the proliferation of wearables and pandemic driven acceptance of rapid tests have ushered the […]

Driving a tone of mental wellness in the corporate environment

Corporate burnout is the wearing out from the pressure of unmanaging situations at work place. It is a psychological syndrome which emerges from prolonged stress; could also emerge from the interpersonal stressors at the workplace, leading to emotional exhaustion, termed as “great exhaustion” by Mc Kinsey and Co. A survey by Gi Group found that […]

Corporate Burn-out and Stress at Workplace: Key disincentives to productivity and well-being

In today’s fast-paced corporate environment, stress and burn-out have become significant challenges affecting employee wellness and impacting organizational performance. When not managed effectively, stress can lead to burn-out, decreased performance, and ultimately, adversely affect an individual’s mental and physical health. Let us explore how stress has consequences upon the mental wellness in a corporate environment, […]

Monitoring your stress with a smartphone; the Bio-Scan Way

In the current setting of sedentary lifestyles and fast-paced life, burdened with demands from work or otherwise, periodic monitoring of vital health parameters is undeniably essential for holistic wellbeing. Here are a few reasons why periodic monitoring of parameters such as heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen levels, is a must. By regularly monitoring critical […]

Do not let Stress Get the Best of You: Here is How to Stay Healthy.

Stress is a physical and emotional response to demands and pressures in life. Causes of stress are everyday stressors such as work, school, financial problems or events such as the death of a loved one, divorce, or moving to a new city. Stress is normal, but it can cause physical and mental health problems when […]

Let’s Heal Our Mental Health

Society today likes to show life as one big fairy-tale, with maybe a few minor bumps now and then, here and there. Anything which doesn’t pander to this scenario must be bundled up tightly and shoved silently into oblivion. That is how most Indian households take a stand against mental wellness. If it’s not aired […]

Non-Invasive Means for Efficient Stress Management: A Review

Evolution has imparted humans with specific biomolecules that trigger situational stress to prepare them for the fight-or-flight response. These stress molecules serve a key role in human survival through temporary changes in human physiology like elevated heart rate, increased breathing, and release of glucose from glycogen reserves to prepare the body to act against the […]

Let’s talk Healthcare basics: A look into the underserved segments of India

The healthcare practices, in a developing country like India, in the towns, villages and hamlets are part of the Government Health Directory. Does it serve its purpose, is a question that needs asking! There is a hierarchy of medical care which are categorized as First Referral Units (FRU), Community Health Centers CHCs), Primary Health Centers […]