Stress Management with CoHeal

In recent times, physical and mental wellbeing has taken over financial wellbeing to become the most important wellness dimension for individuals and the community at large. While people are slowly warming up to the idea of screening their health and wellness, the proliferation of wearables and pandemic driven acceptance of rapid tests have ushered the convenience of home testing to the forefront of diagnostics. One such individual, a middle-aged male working as Manager in the Marketing Function of a Manufacturing Organization, with a medical history of High Blood Pressure and on active BP medication was recommended by his medical practitioner to reduce his stress levels to normalize his BP.

What was his objective for seeking stress management ?

With constant high blood pressure and stress, the individual was looking at ways to naturally reduce both by way of some technique, so that his long-term dependency on medicines can be minimized. Working in a high stress function he accepts that Stress is an integral part of his work-profile, hence his objective was to manage the triggers and regulate stress to avoid consequences on his wellbeing.

What was the solution presented for stress management and regulation ?

The Individual had an opportunity to participate in the CoHeal Corporate Engagement Program as a part of his organization. The CoHeal team worked with him at several stages during the program to assess, identify, manage and regulate his stress levels.

Stage 1: Personal stress profiling was conducted with Qualitative assessments that helped to understand the causes, triggers and symptoms of stress experienced; while Quantitative assessments using the platform and proprietary tools measured real-time Cardio-vascular Stress and Cortisol Stress Hormone of the User over a period of time.

Stage 2: CoHeal Stress Transformation Workshop that included experiential interventions to help Identify the causes of stress, manage stress situations and regulate stress to Optimal levels in the body, breath and mind were conducted, of which the User was an active participant.

Stage 3: The CoHeal Adoption focussed on Stress regulation by daily Assessments using CoHeal App and regulating the stress levels by self-practice of the Healing Module in the App. HEAL is a set of self-care tools are quick yet effective exercises specifically designed for the mind, body and breath, personalized and customized as per the user’s real-time Stress Scores was used diligently by the User during this period.

What was the Outcome in terms of his Stress Transformation ?

The Corporate Engagement Program saw a positive impact on the overall Wellness pattern of the User.  The user had a HIGH stress profile at the start of the program. Assessments showed his stress levels rising from MODERATE to very HIGH and then dropping to very LOW, suggesting he was either in the low and disengaged zone or very high and burnout-anxiety zone. However, during the CoHeal Adoption period, with self-care tools, the User’s stress score started moving upwards from LOW stress, slowly, to the MODERATE zone. Eventually, over a period of continued usage of the CoHeal daily scans and HEAL, he was successful in maintaining some consistency in his stress levels. He started exhibiting a flattened-out stress curve with MODERATE stress scores, placing him in the Optimal Stress Zone for well-being. He is hopeful that with regular monitoring and regular practice of HEAL exercises he will be in better control of his Stress responses, thus, making CoHeal a part of his daily self-care.

CoHeal team has helped me to identify and manage my stress levels”, he said, glad with his progress. “I did not know the effect of Stress on my body and mind, but this workshop has helped me to identify the effects of stress on the body and mind. Some of the techniques talked about during the workshop has helped me to measure and monitor and control the after-effects of Stressors and help to improve our mental and physical well-being. HEAL Exercises suggested in the CoHeal App has helped me and it has brought calmness in my mind,” he explained.

The way Forward

The CoHeal program was effective in enabling the User embrace a process-oriented approach of identifying and managing his Stressors and regulating the stress levels. The positive journey towards Optimal Stress Zone can be attributed to the Daily Stress Monitoring using the CoHeal App and personalized HEAL Exercises. With a continued and consistent adoption of HEAL over a considerable period of time, sustainability and improvement in wellness can be achieved. With a periodic monitoring of one’s stress levels and cardio-vascular health, one can identify and understand the pattern of their wellness and take preventive actions based on their real-time wellness data. is a smartphone enabled wellness platform enabling real-time measurement of vital health indicators. focuses on making wellness accessible, affordable and easy-to-use, using existing technology coupled with recent advancements and human expertise to provide a smartphone-based, AI-enabled, non-invasive, quantitative, point-of-care-testing platform.